Around the Year with TBY

There’s always something new and exciting around the corner!

Rosh Chodesh Program

rosh-hodeshEach Rosh Chodesh, all students attend an assembly with a guest speaker, Divrei Torah, and various educational activities or games, all based on a component of the theme chosen by the Student Council Presidents at the beginning of the year. The gym is decorated and theme-related refreshments are served.


Various trips throughout the year include apple picking, team building trip, a winter trip and a Lag Ba’omer outing. In the month of Nissan the students go out to fulfill the mitzvah of Bircas Ha’ilanos, making a bracha on a newly blossoming fruit tree. Tiferes Bais Yaakov believes in going beyond the curriculum and providing hands-on experiences to enhance the students’ learning.

Shabbos Tiferes

As the cold weather sets in, the warm atmosphere is felt as the girls Winter group picturebegin to work together in preparation for a Shabbos at Tiferes Bais Yaakov. Divrei Torah, baked goods, murals, hostess gifts, and centrepieces, all made by the girls, enhance this Shabbos. Everyone looks forward to the uplifting choir arranged and performed by the students. The students take responsibility for ordering the food, decorating the school in honour of Shabbos, setup and cleanup. Students in the area host girls from all grades who require accommodations for the Shabbaton. Teachers join in the Shabbos meals, giving the students an opportunity to connect with them and their families outside of the classroom environment. A guest speaker is brought in to build on the theme that was chosen for that Shabbos and an interactive educational game is enjoyed by the students as well. Shabbos concludes with singing, stories and a meaningful Havdala followed by a lively Motzai Shabbos activity.

“As Shabbos Tiferes heads we learned the true meaning of working together to achieve great things. It’s amazing to see the achdus of so many different girls working together to make the Shabbos a spectacular experience for everyone.” Chavi Marder (2016), Sarah Mammon (2015), Sarah Frisch-Israel (2014), Shabbos Tiferes Heads 2013.


Chanukah Chagiga

Every Chanukah, the girls take part in an “enlightening” program that combines new insights on the chag and delicious treats. Music and dancing enable the girls to truly feel the spirit of Chanukah.

Purim Party

purimpartyBoth students and teachers come to Tiferes after they have heard the Megillah for an annual Purim party. Each class performs a skit and all enjoy the music and food. A memorable time is had by the students as they watch the skit performed by the staff.


retreatBoarding the buses on Friday morning, the girls eagerly anticipate a weekend in the country full of fun, food, friends, and fireworks. Upon arrival, the buses and trucks are unloaded, the kitchen is kashered, the dining room and shul are set up and decorated, and Shabbos kits are brought to each cabin. The girls enjoy the waterfront, grassy fields, and ropes courses. TBY staff members and their families join the school for the weekend, allowing students to interact with them on a more personal level. A guest speaker is invited to inspire and impart a practical and meaningful message based on the theme of the weekend. Shabbos is filled with uplifting zemiros, delicious food, and interactive activities and shiurim. Following an emotional and moving Havdala and story, the girls hurry off for a Melave Malka, fireworks, bonfire and kumzitz. Sunday brings another day to spend time with friends, taking advantage of the beautiful camp grounds. The weekend concludes with the girls feeling refreshed, ready to end off the school year with renewed achdus and inspiration.

End of Year Banquet

endofyearAfter the last exam, all students and teachers are invited to an end-of-year banquet. The new Student Council is introduced and the outgoing Student Council is thanked for all their hard work. Awards are presented for various academic and community accomplishments such as the Governor General’s Award, Lieutenant Governor’s Award, math contests and more. The students make a small craft for each teacher as a token of thanks. Banquet is a chance for everyone to say their goodbyes to friends and teachers, ending the year on a “high-note” before breaking for summer vacation.