Cultivating Connections

Students…Graduates….Teachers…Principals – Uniting the TBY Family!

Freshie-Senior BBQ

freshie-seniorTo welcome the Grade 9 class, the Seniors plan an evening of food and activities to bond with the new students. This get-together is hosted by a Grade 12 student and planned with the Senior Advisor.

Class Melave Malka

Each grade arranges a Melave Malka for their class at the home of one of their teachers. The food, games and costumes are based on a fun theme. The Melave Malka is a chance for the girls to spend time with their classmates and teachers.

Colour War

colourwarEach year, girls from different grades are chosen to organize a Colour War program for the school, based on a Torah theme. Colour war combines learning and creativity to bring about achdus and fun, while enabling the students to gain new insights into a key Torah concept. The students are divided into small teams which allow each girl to be involved and participate. The teams create murals, dances, theme songs, and cheers revolving around a Passuk that relates to the team name. The girls compete in relay races, a Chidon, and various sports activities throughout the day. When Colour War comes to an end and the whole school is singing together as one, there is an atmosphere of warmth and friendship and it is clear that everyone is a winner. The Colour War program is a chance for informal education that enhances the standard text based learning of the school year.

Big Sister, Little Sister

bigsisterbigsister2Older students are paired with younger students as mentors to help them adjust to the high school environment. Throughout the year there are activities to build the relationship between them. Once a week, the “sisters” learn Hilchos Shmiras Halashon together as part of the Mishmeres program.

“We had the opportunity to meet so many different girls in the school. It allowed us to appreciate the diversity and complexity of so many of them. We have truly been able to grasp what an open and accepting place TBY is.” Abi Igelman (2014) and Dafna Blum (2014), Big Sister, Little Sister Heads.

Pizza with the Principal

Throughout the year, groups of students join the General Studies Principal for a pizza lunch. This meeting nurtures a relationship between the students and Principal and gives them an opportunity to suggest ideas and express any concerns they may have.


Tiferes Bais Yaakov prides itself in maintaining an ongoing connection with its alumni. The Menahel travels to Israel yearly and makes an effort to meet each girl currently studying or living there. There is an annual reunion for alumnae in Israel to get together and reconnect. There are various shiurim and programs throughout the year which alumnae are eager to attend. This provides an opportunity for them to catch up with one another and continue their Tiferes Bais Yaakov education even after graduating. All these initiatives help continue the kesher between Tiferes Bais Yaakov and its alumnae.