Educational Extracurriculars

Learning beyond paper and pen – it’s not the grade that makes the mark!

Musical Production

musicalproductionPerformed in a professional theatre, Tiferes Bais Yaakov puts on a biennial musical production for the women and girls of the community. This is an opportunity for each girl to shine, bringing out her various talents and skills. Under the leadership of fellow students, the girls are involved in creating choirs, dances, song-dances, sets, costumes, scenery, and props. New friendships are formed and teamwork is seen throughout the entire student body. The students are responsible for the publicity, ticket sales, and finances of the play. They have the chance to join the stage crew and arrange the lighting, sound, microphones, and curtains during the show. This multimedia educational experience is a highlight of the girls’ TBY years.


Activity Period

Every Tuesday, one period is designated for the students to participate in various activities. The courses run for a number of weeks and there are 2-3 cycles offered throughout the year. Students have a variety of options to choose from including baking, sign language, CPR, knitting, jewellery making, food garnishing, guitar, makeup and hair and art, allowing them to develop an assortment of talents and skills. Expert guests are brought into the school to lead the various activities.

Student Newspaper – Newsflash

Completely student led, by the chosen editors, and written, by the girls themselves, the school newsletter is a humorous and informative student newspaper published before school holidays and breaks. Filled with Divrei Torah, riddles, school surveys, pictures, school news and upcoming events the Tiferes Newsflash gives the students an opportunity for independent expression, creative thought, and the ability to use their literary talent throughout the year.


fundarisersThe Senior Class works very hard throughout the year to raise funds for their graduation trip with the assistance of the Senior Advisor. The Grade 12 class arranges a dessert reception for women and girls of the community, providing an evening of games, light refreshments, raffles, and an inspirational speaker. As well, they sell Sukkos posters, SPC Discount Cards, Friday pizza, soup, and more. In addition, the Senior yearbook is put together by the Grade 12 editors with contributions from the entire class.