Getting Involved & Giving Back

It is truly wonderful and always appreciated to see our alumnae giving back and showing their Hakaros Hatov to the school. Your contribution of time and talent/expertise will not only help us to continue to provide our girls with the wonderful opportunities you had, but will also show our girls through your actions the Tiferes way of passing the torch to the next set of graduates as they continue their educational journey.

If you would like to get involved please contact Sarah Rechnitz at

Here are some of the many ways you can get involved:

Grade 10 Careers
We are happy to invite our alumnae back to talk to our Grade 10 students about the current careers they are pursuing. Your first hand experience will help our students make potential career choices and help them select appropriate courses while in high school.

Are you looking to fill your extra time with something rewarding? We have students who can use the extra support in various subjects.

Activity Period
Activity period is a time for our students to learn new skills in areas they are interested in, but may not be familiar with. Do you have a special talent that you would like to teach to our students?

Reunion Planning
Interested in lending a hand for the semi-annual Alumnae Reunions which take place each Succos and Pesach? You can lend a hand with arranging the program or by being a class representative.

Volunteer Fundraising
Around the year TBY has various fundraisers. Volunteers are always welcome to assist to help make them a success.