Tiferes Bais Yaakov holds two separate information evenings, held in November, for parents and students. For grade 12 this evening walks parents through the application process to both University and Seminary. Our best resource is our graduates and the girls are encouraged to speak to them as they have first hand experience with the post secondary institution and can offer concrete advice.

Bnos Chava
P.O.B. 43016, Jerusalem
ISRAEL 91430

Main Office
Tel. ++972-2-654-4557/58
Email: bcoffice@nevey.org

In America:
Bnos Chava Secretary – Mrs. Alicia Burstein
Tel. 718-338-8210

Darchei Binah

New York Office:
1049 East 13th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: 718.252.6017
Fax: 718.758.0281
Email: sf@infodbi.com

Israel Office:
Nezer David 22 / P.O. Box 16432 Bayit Vegan
Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: 02.641.0266
Fax: 02.641.0759
Email: info1@darcheibinah.co.il

Halichos Bais Yaakov Seminary
Nachal Shacham ½
Ramat Beit Shemesh,  Israel 99099

Machon Raayah
c/o Mrs Esther Perr
2122 81st Street
Brooklyn, NY  11214

Mesilos Bais Yaakov

c.o Aviva Berman
1133 stratford Place
South Bend, IN  46614


Michlelet Esther
Rehov Beit Yitzchak 1
PO Box 43016
Jerusalem 91430

Midreshet Tehillah
P.O.B. 43016
Jerusalem, Israel 91430
Tel: ++972-2-654-4578
Fax: ++972-2-651-9376

USA Office:
315 Squankam Road
Lakewood, NJ 08701
Phone: 732.363.9456
Fax: 732.363.9459
Email: penseminary@gmail.com

Israel Office:
30 Farbstein
Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem 96019
Phone: 02.653.6255
Fax: 02.653.6431
Email: pninimseminary@gmail.com

Tomer Devorah
USA Mailing Address:
c/o Lowinger
6536 N. California Ave.
Unit C, Chicago, IL 60645

Israel Mailing Address:
Rechov Atzag 54
Ramot 06
Jerusalem, Israel

Israel Office: +972-2-571-6633
US Main Office:  +1-773-262-0208

Israel Office:
Bnot Torah Institute
27 Rechov Yam Suf
Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: 02. 581. 4382
Fax: 02. 582. 2216
Email: Info@BnotTorah.com

North American Office:
P.O.B. 300596
Brooklyn, NY 11230-0596
Tel: 718. 253. 4579
Fax: 718. 253. 1423
Email: USA@BnotTorah.com

Aliza Flatlow Memorial Fund
For those studying a year in Israel and who need financial assistance. Apply online. www.alisafund.org
Amount:  please inquire
Contact:  Dr. Wallace Greene, Executive Secretary
Deadline:  February 15

Beth Tzedec Men’s Club
To assist young men and women who are pursuing programs of higher Jewish education. Open to all potential students regardless of their chosen program, synagogue or school affiliation.
Applications can be obtained from Beth Tzedec Synagogue 416-781-3511 or
Hersh Rosenthal, Chairman of Scholarship Committee
Amount: Depends on financial need
Deadline: Please inquire

Emunah Scholarship
Emunah gives three scholarships to girls in their last year of high school who will be spending a school year in a religious Zionist seminary in Israel. For more information go to www.emunahcanada.org/toronto/html near the bottom of the page and cllick on “information cover letter” or “application form”
Deadline: Mid February
Amount: Please inquire

Israel Scholarship Funds of Mizrachi Organization of Canada
For one-year study programs in Israel at Hesder yeshivot or seminaries for girls in Israel. For students in their first year after high school.
Contact: The Mizrachi of Toronto Israel Scholarship Fund
296 Wilson Avenue, Toronto M2R 3V2
Apply January -April

Max and Lena Sharp Foundation of Shaarei Shomayim Congregation
Towards a one year study program in Israel. Preference given to synagogue members.
Contact: Shaarei Shomayim Congregation
470 Glencairn Avenue, Toronto M5N 1V8
Amount: Please inquire
Deadline: April 30th

Meyer Gasner/Joe Berman Education Scholarship Fund
Open to residents of the Greater Toronto Area only who are planning a year of study in Israel to further their Jewish education. For those not eligible for a MASA Scholarship.
Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
Contact: Miriam Daniels 416-635-2883 x 5116
Deadline: May 3

Morris Pulver Scholarship Fund of Israel and the Hushy Lipton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Open for residents of Canada for study at an Israeli Institution of higher learning. For those who are not eligible for a MASA scholarship.
Contact: Miriam Daniels 416-635-2883 x 5116
Deadline: May 3