Early intervention

Tiferes Bais Yaakov’s special needs policy includes early identification procedures, and assessment and intervention protocols. Diagnostic assessments are carried out in the classroom at the beginning of the school year and on an ongoing basis. Subject based TEP’s (Tiferes Education Plans) are used to identify strengths and weaknesses and to implement appropriate accommodations. Psycho-educational assessments, previous report cards, entrance exams and meetings with parents and students are all included in planning for the success of the student.

For applicants in grade 8 who have a psycho-educational assessment which identifies a specific learning need, Tiferes will begin the process of putting a TEP in place based on the recommendations of that assessment. However, we will often wait to see how that applicant does as a student in Tiferes before implementing the TEP.

Implementation of the individualized programs

The special education coordinators are available to implement the special needs policies and to support students needing assistance in time management and organization of schoolwork. Their duties also include liaising with teachers, parents, and tutors on a regular basis. Tiferes Bais Yaakov’s special education coordinators accommodate or modify course work whenever required, create individualized programs and are there to listen whenever a student needs. They are available to all students, not only to those with identified learning needs. Most, if not all, students require guidance at some point in their high school careers. Academic accommodations can and will be made in certain circumstances such as illness, family simchas etc.

The remedial department allows students with test anxiety to get extra time on tests, write tests in their quiet office and even take tests orally when deemed appropriate by the teachers, students’ needs and remedial department.