Student Activities

Learning beyond paper and pen – it’s not the grade that makes the mark!

Mrs. Pazit Shukroon
416-785-4044 ext.227

Student Activities Coordinator

Mrs. Pazit Shukroon has been with Tiferes Bais Yaakov since 2012 and is the Student Activities Coordinator. She also teaches a Hebrew Language course and a Chumash class. Mrs. Shukroon received her BA in Judaic Studies and Mathematics from the Teachers College of Bais Yaakov Scharansky in Tel Aviv, Israel. Following six years of teaching in Israel, at both the elementary and high school levels, Mrs. Shukroon moved with her family to Canada. Here she taught in a local day school for five years before joining the Tiferes family. In her role as Student Activities Coordinator, Mrs. Shukroon ensures that the students fulfill their Ministry of Education requirements for community service hours, coordinates Chesed activities, arranges Rosh Chodesh programs, plans Shabbatonim and liaises with outside organizations for all special programs. Her role is pivotal in promoting the values of Tiferes Bais Yaakov through Student Council and extracurricular activities.

Miss Meirav Stopnicki
416-785-4044 ext.233

Extracurricular Activities

Miss Meirav Stopnicki is a Tiferes Bais Yaakov alumna and joined as a staff member in 2019. After attending Darchei Binah seminary and then earning a certificate in Retail Management, Miss Stopnicki is currently completing her degree in Human Services. She is passionate about encouraging students to shine in their Student Council roles and enthusiastic about helping students develop leadership skills while fostering meaningful connections amongst themselves.

Student Council

At Tiferes Bias Yaakov, there is a very active and well-organized Student Council, under the auspices of the Student Activities Coordinator. The President is a Grade 12 student and the Vice-President is from Grade 11. Student Council also includes a Treasurer who is responsible for all finances, and head positions for Mishmeres, Yemei Iyun, Yearbook, Chessed, Decorations, and Decor, Editors of School Newspaper, Activities Coordinator, “Big Sister, Little Sister” program, and the Musical Production. A full complement of extracurricular activities is organized by the students themselves, thus teaching them organizational skills, responsibility, and promoting an atmosphere of unity and camaraderie among the students in all grades. Various programs that take place throughout the year include special Shabbaton weekends, treasure hunts, snow tubing, skiing, Colour War, field trips, guest lecturers, and visist to hospitals and senior citizen residences. By involving the students in the planning and executing of these programs, we teach them valuable lessons and increase school spirit, which is vital for a healthy learning atmosphere. 

Musical Production

Performed in a professional theatre, Tiferes Bais Yaakov puts on a biennial musical production for the women and girls of the community. This is an opportunity for each girl to shine, bringing out her various talents and skills. Under the leadership of fellow students, the girls are involved in creating choirs, dances, song-dances, sets, costumes, scenery, and props. New friendships are formed and teamwork is seen throughout the entire student body. The students are responsible for the publicity, ticket sales, and finances of the play. They have the chance to join the stage crew and arrange the lighting, sound, microphones, and curtains during the show. This multimedia educational experience is a highlight of the girls’ TBY years.


Activity Period

Every Tuesday, one period is designated for the students to participate in various activities. The courses run for a number of weeks and there are 2-3 cycles offered throughout the year. Students have a variety of options to choose from including baking, sign language, CPR, knitting, jewellery making, food garnishing, guitar, makeup and hair and art, allowing them to develop an assortment of talents and skills. Expert guests are brought into the school to lead the various activities.


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