Student Council and Activities

Our future leaders in training!


An integral component of any multi-faceted educational system is the student government. By giving the students an opportunity to elect their own governing body, and then conferring on that body various responsibilities, many crucial skills and values are taught. The students come to appreciate the power and responsibility of the democratic process, and this inspires and leads them to a new level of maturity.

At Tiferes Bais Yaakov, there is a very active and well-organized Student Council, under the auspices of the Student Activities Coordinator. The President is a Grade 12 student and the Vice-President is from Grade 11. Student Council also includes a Treasurer who is responsible for all finances, and head positions for Mishmeres, Yemei Iyun, Yearbook, Chessed, “Shining Stars” Chai Lifeline Program, Decorations and Décor, Editors of School Newspaper, Activities Coordinators, “Big Sister, Little Sister Program,” and the Musical Production. A full complement of extracurricular activities is organized by the students themselves, thus teaching them organizational skills, responsibility, and promoting an atmosphere of unity and camaraderie among the students in all grades. Various programs that take place throughout the year include special Shabbaton weekends, treasure hunts, snow tubing, skiing, Colour War, field trips, guest lecturers, and visits to hospitals and senior citizen residences. By involving the students in the planning and executing of these programs, we teach them valuable lessons and increase school spirit, which is vital for a healthy learning atmosphere.

“Being Student Council Presidents truly gave us a huge sense of responsibility, whether it’s being a good role model, meeting deadlines, or coming up with creative fun programs. Most of all, it made us appreciate the student body and staff of our amazing school.”Ruth Muyal (2014), President and Miriam Rand (2015), Vice-President.