Student Council

An integral component of any multi-faceted educational system is the student government. By giving the students an opportunity to elect their own governing body, and then conferring on that body various responsibilities, many crucial skills and values are taught. The students come to appreciate the power and responsibility of the democratic process, and this inspires and leads them to a new level of maturity.

At Tiferes Bais Yaakov, there is a very active and well-organized Student Council. The President is a student in Grade 12 and the Vice-President is a student in Grade 11. Working closely with the student activities Coordinator, Student Council is responsible for choosing the theme of the year and creating and designing the monthly programs that emphasize different aspects of this theme. The treasurer is responsible for all finances (keeping track of invoices and expenditures) and ensures that all committees have the required funds to run their programs. The Head of Community Services organizes and sets the girls up with various chesed opportunities. The Head of Decorations and Décor leads the Decoration Committee and is responsible for creating colourful bulletin board displays which depict the monthly theme. The Special Activities Coordinator of the Student Council is responsible for ensuring that the Student Council works together to create activities, posters, and learning sessions that expand upon the theme of the year. The Student Council Coordinator meets with the members of her committee weekly and is responsible for all aspects of extracurricular activities at Tiferes Bais Yaakov.

Involving the students themselves in the planning and executing of these programs, teaches them valuable lessons about leadership, teamwork and responsibility. It also increases school spirit, which is vital for a healthy learning atmosphere.