Ordering Uniforms

Mrs. Tova Abraham of Fringe Boutique, will be supplying the students of Tiferes Bais Yaakov with all their uniform needs for the 2019-2020 school year. At the store, all sizes of each uniform item will be available for your daughter to try on. Try on dates are from June 17-July17. 

Fringe Boutique does not keep stock of uniforms on hand; items are only shipped from the company once you place your order. 

Please note:

  1. Uniform shirts will not be sold at Fringe. Any blue Oxford shirt will do. 
  2. Students who still have the previous model sweatshirt may continue to wear it to school; however, it will no longer be available for purchase.
  3. Tiferes Bais Yaakov maintains a uniform exchange which is located in the Business Office basement, at 184 Caribou Road. We are currently seeking uniforms in excellent condition for our uniform exchange. For contributions or services, please contact Mrs. Sherry Rubinoff at 647-201-2939.

To purchase new uniforms, please call/text Mrs. Tova Abraham at Fringe Boutique at 647-667-2881. Her shop is located at 87 Lynnhaven Road.

Dress Code

One of the hallmarks of a Jewish woman is her modesty of dress. A Bas Yisroel must always conduct herself with a degree of dignity, which should be reflected not only in her general conduct, but also in her style of dress in and out of school. We expect the students of Tiferes Bais Yaakov to reflect an appropriate standard of modesty at all times in and out of school.

Tops should not be clingy or tight fitting, and the sleeves must extend below the elbow at all times. Necklines should be appropriate and hug the neck at the base. Only the top button on shirts may be left open, and only if the collarbone will not be exposed. V-necks or boat necks of any sort are to be worn with a layer underneath. Skirts must be long enough so that the knees are covered even when sitting, and should not be clingy or tight fitting. Slits are not to be worn.

In general, cosmetics and hairstyles should not be ostentatious, but rather subtle. In school, cosmetics, and nail polish must be soft and natural looking (Example: baby pink, beige or French manicure) and will be subject to the discretion of the Administration. Multi-coloured, highlighted or ombre hair is not permitted. As well, excessive jewelry is not acceptable and multirole ear piercings are not permitted. Hats may not be worn in school. Accessories must be within the realm of tznius, subject to the discretion of faculty and Administration.

School Uniform

The Tiferes Bais Yaakov uniform consists of the black uniform skirt, the blue uniform shirt, they grey uniform sweater or vest and/or black uniform sweatshirt and solid coloured black tights. The skirt must be the proper length so that it covers the knees at all times and the shirt must be properly buttoned up at all times.

  • A black or white t-shirt may be worn underneath the uniform blouse. No other colour t-shirt may be worn. Please note that even if a student is wearing a t-shirt, the uniform blouse must be buttoned up to the collar bone!
  • The blue uniform blouse may be worn as is, or with the sweater, vest or sweatshirt and need not be tucked in.
  • The uniform sweater or sweatshirt may not be worn without the blue uniform blouse, and no other sweaters or jackets are allowed in school.
  • Every student is required to own a school V-neck sweater. The sweatshirt is optional.
  • The skirts must be of a proper length that the knees are well-covered at all times – whether standing, sitting, or running.
  • Slippers, crocs and sandals are not acceptable footwear. Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Leggings with short ankle socks or with knee socks are not permitted in school. Knee socks are not permitted in school. Students wearing leggings with ankle socks or knee socks or wearing just knee socks will be required to purchase tights from the school.

Adherence to the school uniform policy will be strictly enforced. Under no circumstances will any student be allowed to attend school if she is not wearing the proper uniform. To avoid the discomfort of us sending your daughter home or having her rent a uniform from school, every student will be required to purchase a minimum of 2 shirts and 2 skirts. Any uniform that has been rented from the school and not returned by the following morning will be subject to a fee. Four uniform infractions of any kind – will result in a detention.

Rosh Chodesh is traditionally a Yom Tov for women, and therefore students are excused from wearing the uniform shirt, provided that the shirt they choose to wear conforms with the acceptable dress code. Clothing should be consistent with the spirit of Rosh Chodesh. Therefore, shirts or sweatshirts with logos/words across the front or back are not permitted to be worn.

Torah Education is a partnership of parents and the school. The communication of Tznius standards will be done in the most respectful manner possible. In return, we expect parents to ensure that their daughter complies with the aforementioned dress code in and out of school.