Alumnae Programming

Tiferes graduates continue to enjoy shiurim and get-togethers, even years after their graduation. The semi-annual Alumnae Reunions take place each Succos and Pesach, when many of our alumnae are home visiting family. The annual Israel Reunion with Rabbi Zilber is always a highlight for girls attending Seminary and those of our graduates who live in Eretz Yisroel.

There are shiurim scheduled throughout the year with different speakers from our community addressing the graduates on a variety of topics. Some of the speakers we have had over the years are: Rabbi Mordechai Enakar, Rabbi Aaron Greenberg, Mrs. Chana Goldstein, Mrs. Shira Lipner, Rebbetzin Malkie Pam, Mrs. Racheli Rudner, Mrs. Dorit Solnik, Mrs. Devora Vale, Mrs. Adina Ribacoff (principal) and Mrs. Atara Heber. The Tiferes Bais Yaakov staff readily participate and enjoy being invited to speak to the alumnae.

Some of our alumnae teach classes during activity period, provide tutoring to our students, and work as chaperones during Shabbos Tiferes, Retreat, and the Graduation Trip. We’ve also had several alumnae join the Tiferes faculty as teachers and student council advisors. The Tiferes Bais Yaakov Alumnae appreciate all that the school has provided them and enjoy the opportunities to give back.

TASC – Tiferes Alumnae and Students Connect

TASC is an alumnae-initiated program led by the students for the students. Once a month, our TASC alumnae put together fun programs and activities for students past and present with the goal of bridging the different age groups, forging great friendships, and of course, having fun. After its launch in 2018, TASC was so popular that they expanded to include a Madricha program which has created more opportunities for connection, meaningful relationships, and mentorship between the alumnae Madrichot and current students. 

How can you get involved as an alumnae?

We are always happy to welcome our alumnae at school events and programs.  Graduates of Tiferes serve as tutors for our current students and arrange class reunions. Our alumnae have used their unique skills to teach our girls during activity period, and help with the bi-annual Production.

It is truly wonderful and always appreciated to see our alumnae giving back and showing their Hakaros Hatov to the school and their close, ongoing connection to Rabbi Feigenbaum and the entire staff. Your contribution of time and talent/expertise will not only help us to continue to provide our girls with the wonderful opportunities you had, but will also show our girls through your actions the Tiferes way of passing the torch to the next set of graduates as they continue their educational journey.